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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Don't care for them. On the Patapsco today, I saw two, or maybe the same one twice. In both cases, they were two or three feet away in the water I was wading. I'm not one of those people deathly afraid, but I'm not wild about them even if they're not poisonous. These almost certainly were not.

Home improvement people were keeping me home, but they all left at once so I managed to salvage the day by fishing water down from the Old Frederick Road bridge, a stretch of the river that I hadn't gotten around to. In a barely a couple of hours, I caught a few bluegills and a bass, mostly on a bullet head deer hair surface fly. A few years ago, I tied up a number of them when I was enamored, for some reason, by bullet head deer hair flies.

Getting back to snakes, we haven't seen any in the yard lately. Pam's deer fence caught a couple a year or so ago, and maybe they were the breeding pair. Good riddance.

I'm planning to fish that part of the Patapsco again soon, snakes or no snakes. Water level was 1.21 at Hollofield.

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