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Friday, June 30, 2017

This week

Tuesday I went with my friend Kurt to the Food and Drug Administration building nearby in White Oak where our mutual friend Donovan has created a farmer's market for his fellow employees. Donovan took us on a tour of the facility where I took this picture:

Thursday I fished the Gunpowder River north of Baltimore. The river was low and clear which made fishing tough, but I was glad I went:

Today Stan and I took our regular Friday morning walk, this time along the Paint Branch Creek where I saw this log which spanned the stream. His son's dog, Copley, was with us, and Copley casually trotted across while I proceeded carefully. Stan took my picture.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

The pond on a summer's evening

Winters family gathering and the completion of our travel triangle

Wednesday Pam and I drove to Gormania, West Virginia for the annual gathering of her cousins at her sister Kathy's house. The trip also completed our travel triangle since within the past month we also traveled to New York City and Bethany Beach. Pam took both pictures below.

From the top center and moving counter-clockwise are Cousin Nick, Cousin Dan's wife Sam, Cousin Dan resting his chin on his hand, Cousin Ted, me, Kathy's husband Bernie, Kathy, Kathy's granddaughter Annabel, Nick's wife Delores's foot, Ted's wife Bonnie, and Kathy's daughter Sara.

Kathy with granddaughter Nora.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Beach Week

Pam took this shot of Sean and Rebecca in the surf last week.

The above picture shows my basic beach equipment: umbrella, chair, and backpack which holds towel, sun lotion, reading matter, and keys to the beach house.

Below is the room in the beach house where we spent most the time. The table top in the foreground held our meals when we didn't go out. The table at right accommodated a 750 piece jig-saw puzzle that Pam, Rebecca, and Sean completed during the week.

On a couple of evenings, we watched a little TV in the living room. In the background are the steps to the two bed rooms upstairs.

The backyard in early June

The Park in early June

Based on what I saw on my walks the past two days, I'd say that the wildflower meadow peaked out a couple of weeks ago when I took this photo.