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Friday, September 3, 2010


Walking around this famous DC neighborhood today brought back many memories. I remember my hippie girlfriend bringing me here to get sandals in the 60's. In the 70's I remember seeing many musical acts at the Cellar Door at 34th and M streets. In the 90's I remember showing my son the joys of browsing in record stores that were still numerous in the area. They were generally selling CD's by then, but I'll always think of them as record stores.

Since the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal runs parallel and nearby sections of the Potomac River that I fish, I thought it appropriate to take a picture of where the canal officially begins. A white monument noting the beginning of the canal appears on the left side of the above picture. There once was a fly fishing shop near here, and some avid flyfishers fished for carp in the canal. Maybe some still do.

Having lived here all my life, I have associations of personal events, big and small, often when I visit areas around DC. Few hold as many past images in my mind as does Georgetown.


  1. Scandals? Hmmm.

    Typo or Freudian slip?

    (Hi Doug, I'm Anne. I came across your blog via Pam's, somehow. I enjoy reading about your travels to Southern Maryland, where I live.)

  2. Thank you. While I was certainly guilty of some outrageous behavior during those years, I don't think it would accurately be described as scandalous. The same behavior in an older, more settled person certainly would be. Therefore, a correction is called for.