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Thursday, February 23, 2023

Only snow so far...

 Yes, so far it's been a mild winter. These two photos were taken over three weeks ago on February 1, and this modest downfall was largely gone by the afternoon.

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Inside a park bathroom


Christmas 2022, Part Three

 The final visit of the Christmas season was for the Brooklyn family to meet us at my sister's house in Gaithersburg. Here are Pam, Rebecca, and Honor in the backyard:

Inside, Rebecca and Honor met the family Guinea Pig:

Honor, Rebecca, Christine, and Elaine:

Christmas 2022, Part Two

 The Brooklyn part of the family made another visit after Christmas. When Honor decided to wrap herself in a blanket, the rest of us followed her lead:

Here is Pam and Honor out on the sunroom:

Christmas 2022, Part One

The annual untangling the lights as the first step in decorating the tree:

A week later on Christmas Eve, Sean, Rebecca, and Honor came down for the first seasonal visit.

Here's Honor and Greg: