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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Gardens at the University of Maryland

I don't remember the name of this park, but it may well be my favorite.

As opposed to the above which is a little out of the way, this statue is in the heart of campus:

This shady rock garden is known as Woods Hall Garden:
I'm very fond of the Chapel Garden:


The next three are outside the Rossborough Inn, the oldest building on campus.

This final shot is near the Armory:

...and there are many other gardens on campus.  The landscaping crew does a nice job.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bluegills are spawning

Their circular spawning beds were quite distinct on the west side of the pond on the far side.  I was a little surprised because it's later than usual, but it probably wasn't their first spawn of the season.  Caught a few then decided to leave them alone.

Farmers' Market

From Spring until late Fall, I routinely go to a number.  Last Sunday, it was the Takoma Market Farmers' Market where I bought some sausage for the grill.  Also put some tomatoes and green peppers on the grill that afternoon because I'm interested in cooking more vegetables outdoors.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Night baseball

Considering how much I like the game, I've been to too few baseball games in recent years, but I hope to correct that this season.  Last night I enjoyed watching the Nats beat the Reds.  The food, beer, and being with friends added a lot.

Prior to this game, Reds pitcher Johnny Cueto had been the most effective in MLB.  Here he is warming up in the bullpen before the game:
He pitched well until the 6th inning when the Nats jumped all over him for 7 runs.
The presidents' race is always popular with the fans:

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


 Genus Ornithogalum, but I prefer the biblical common name.  Although they don't last long,  I look forward to seeing them pop up each Spring.

Friday, May 9, 2014

The sky and the water

Because multiple lines are used for spring trolling in the Chesapeake, you spend a lot time watching the rods for a strike, and your field of vision includes a lot of sky as well as the water.

Here's Capt. Billy Pipkin assisted by my fiend, Capt. Dave, setting up some of the 16 rigs we used yesterday:

We left the dock at Ingram Bay at 6 AM and immediately headed north up the Bay.

We turned into the Potomac and spent most of day opposite Georges Island on the Maryland shore.  We returned to the dock 8 hours later having caught our limit: 

Seven fishermen and seven good fish.

Friday, May 2, 2014

First trip on the Bay this year

After having a couple of trips cancelled because of stormy weather or boat repairs, I finally got out on the Bay today.  As well as myself, Kenny Wells invited Donna and Kirk who are old friends of his:

The weather was nice and some good rockfish fell for Kenny's trolling rigs:

Kenny and his 25 foot Parker fish out of Chesapeake Beach.