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Thursday, July 29, 2021

In Brooklyn with granddaughter

First is granddaughter with her parents:
Then two with granddad:
Then two with grandma:

More wildflowers around the pond

Friday, July 23, 2021

Baseball is back for me

Watched the Nationals beat the Marlins Tuesday night with neighbor Jim. Had a nice time.

Wildflowers around the pond

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Beavers have come to Paint Branch

When I first noticed this collection of branches and leaves, I thought it may have been just a random collection that occurred when some large limbs got caught in the rocks of the rapids:
Then this appeared recently:
A few years ago, we had beavers in the pond who soon became nocturnal to avoid human contact, so I'm not surprised I haven't seen these during my morning walks. Here is another photo of their dam taken from the new bridge:

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

They're gone but have left signs of their presence

Brood X of the cicadas emerged this year, and for weeks in the late spring/early summer their calls were heard throughout the area. Although they are now gone, they left their mark on many trees as we were told they would. After mating the female leaves the eggs in a cut she makes into a small branch, and after hatching the nymphs fall to the ground where they burrow into the earth up to eight feet below the surface. In the case of Brood X, the nymphs live for 17 years in the ground before emerging as adults, and once again the mating cycle repeats. Although the adults die soon after mating, the marks on the trees the females make by their cuts remain visible as the small branches have died as if partially pruned and left hanging as shown in this picture of a nearby oak: Having lived in this area all my life, I can mark my lifetime in those 17 year increments of the Brood X emergences. I was six years old when I was first introduced to them, and we called them the seventeen-year locust. I graduated from college 17 years later when they next emerged, but although I was aware of this natural phenomena I was too distracted by other events to pay much attention to them. In 1987 I had moved into my present house and now remember the interest my children took in the sights and sounds of the cicadas, much as I had when I first experienced them as a child. When they next emerged in 2004, I was at the height of my flyfishing obsession and tied flies to imitate cicadas which proved effective in catching bass, bluegills, and huge carp on a local reservoir. This year as an old man, I merely enjoyed this natural wonder of my surroundings.

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Swallowtail buttterfly in the yard

Pam's photo:

Evening in the park

Pride Day at the park

Gay Pride parades have been common in American cities for many years, and now they have come to the suburbs. I was unaware of the local parade (which was actually called a walk) until hours after the event when I took my own walk in the evening and noticed chalk messages on the asphalt and colorful small flags along the trail. The only photo I took was of a festive decoration placed on one of the trees: