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Saturday, September 11, 2010

"It's live and die rock and roll..."

"It ain't something you control.

A Stratocaster heart and high watt soul,

It's live and die rock and roll."

Those words are from the Ray Wylie Hubbard album Snake Farm which I listened to on the way to the Upper Potomac yesterday. This is one of those songs with a rhythm so driving and a hook so catchy, you've got to move when listening. Other lyrics from the album give us some insight into his theology:

"Well, I never thought to ask him, but the thought seemed mighty slim

If he ever much believed in God, or God believed in him."

And on sexual situations:

"She comes to bed in a negligee just to discuss cinema verite."

This picture of him is not mine, by the way.

Excellent day catching smallmouth bass and big bluegills mostly on Lefty's Red and White Streamer, but the fish were so aggressive many other flies probably would have worked as well. The tip broke off my 7 weight fly rod, but it didn't interfere with casting much. I'll speak to the folks at Temple Forks Rods about their lifetime warranty. All the fish were caught at the point behind Noland's Island.

Weather was beautiful. Temps in the 70's, and the water level was .73 at Point of Rocks.

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