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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Beach Week 2022- Honor on the Beach

 Sean and Honor arose early on the last day, and Sean took this picture of the sunrise:

Earlier in the week, photo by Pam (as were most of these):

Beach Week 2022- In Town

We went out for crabs:


The last night I took a picture of  the town of Bethany Beach:

Beach Week 2022- At the Beach House

 As always, the star of the week with a picture she and her grandmother studied daily:

The the last couple of days, Sean's brother Ryan visited, and here he is on the back porch with me, Rebecca, Sean, and Honor:

Here I am on the porch eating again with Sean:

Pam and Honor outside the house:

Beach Week 2022- On the Beach

 Nana (Pam), Honor, and Rebecca:

Sean and Rebecca burying Honor in the sand and shaping her bottom half like a mermaid:

The three of them in the water: