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Monday, October 29, 2018

Wild surf following the storm

A storm blew up the coast Friday night, and we heard the wind howl in the dark. Although there's no scale on the picture to give a sense of the height of the in-coming surf, I estimated the waves to be between 8 and 10 feet on Saturday, and they probably much higher the previous night.

The picture does show, however, the spray from the pounding waves.
I don't know where along the beach the surfers were on Saturday, but they showed up Sunday.

Weekend at Bethany Beach

We arrived at the beach early Friday afternoon, and I immediately took a walk:

Back at the Addy Sea, the bed and breakfast which we always use for our short stays, I took this picture of Pam on the porch:

Autumn foliage is late this year

This picture was taken last week when normally the fall colors would be reaching their "peak". Global climate change is probably the cause.

We also got a visit from this great blue heron which are not as common on our pond as they are on other neighboring waterways.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Catch-up #6: Misty Morning at the Pond

This picture was taken yesterday. This is the last of the catch-up posts:

Catch-up #5: Football

The University of Maryland won against Bowling Green.

Catch-up #4: Golden Rod at the Pond

The picture was taken in mid-September.

Catch-up #3: Baseball

I went to a Nationals game with neighbor Jim in September. I don't remember who we played, but I believe the Nats lost.

Catch-up #2: Pam and I at Bethany Beach

We were on our way to dinner one night, and son-in-law Sean noticed that the lighting was good for pictures. Also, we were dressed up for than we usually are during our beach week which this year was the last week in August.

I in turn took a picture of Sean and Rebecca:

Catch-up #1: Backyard flowers

This is the first of six posts that represent an effort to make up for almost three months when I didn't post on this blog. I could excuse the inactivity due to obligations, but actually it was mostly laziness.

This backyard photo was taken in mid-August: