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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

A different view of the park

In the past I've photographed the wildflower meadows, but the park also has meadows of grasslands. This year they mowed a path through this one along a hillside:

Greg in concert at Metalfest

The largest U.S. festival of heavy metal music takes place annually in Baltimore over the Memorial Day weekend. This year Greg's current band, Inhumation, was chosen to be the opening act. An unknown photographer took this photo which Pam pulled off the internet:

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

First sunset picture of the year

At least, I think so. Shot it Sunday evening.

Live music Saturday Night in Greenbelt

The brother of an old friend of ours has a rock band called Second Sole, and we have enjoyed their music many times over the years. When we heard they were playing at the New Deal Café in Greenbelt, we toke advantage of the opportunity to listen and dance to them once again.

Alan plays lead guitar and does most of the vocals. The drummer is new and is very good.

The Yard: May 2019

The shot above of the back yard was taken about a week ago, and the photo below of Pam's roses was shot last Sunday.

I took this last picture of the front yard today:

Paint Branch Stream in early May

Visiting goats

In a still rural part of Howard County, there is a farm open to the public where parents take their children to see horses, cows, chickens, lambs, and especially goats. A few weeks ago, our neighbor Paul and I took are wives who both have a fondness for goats.

The open fields of buttercups and dandelions caught my attention:

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Trip to England and Wales

At the end of April, Pam, Greg, my sister Elaine and I flew to London. Rebecca joined us a day later, and we had a wonderful trip.

Elaine took this shot of Pam and me on the first day in St. James Park.

Elaine also took this one of Pam, Rebecca, Greg, and me with the Tower Bridge over the Thames in the background.

One day we took a side train trip into Llangollen, Wales where my grandfather was born. Pam took this photo of Rebecca, Elaine, me, and Greg, all grandchildren and great-grandchildren of David Jones. The setting was a bridge over the River Dee which runs through the town. The day was cold, wet, and windy, weather which I believe is not unusual there.