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Monday, July 12, 2010

The Lower Monocacy River

Monocacy is an American Indian word meaning "river with many blends", and like many Indian place names it flows musically off the tongue when said. Near Frederick Maryland a Civil War battle was fought along its banks, and where the Monocacy empties into the Potomac a C & O Canal aqueduct constructed mostly of granite stone quarried at nearby Sugarloaf Mountain was completed in 1833.

It was near the aqueduct that I put in my kayak and paddled upriver yesterday. When the current picked up and the river bottom became rocky, I entered the water to wade and fish. I caught only two smallmouth bass but about a bazillion bluegills, almost all the fish while using the Black and Bluegill fly described below on June 15.

A pleasant day, not as hot as it's been. Water level 1.74 at Bridgeport on the Monocacy and 1.11 at Point of Rocks on the Potomac.

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