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Monday, August 27, 2012

Tidal Patuxent

Having spent the past week getting in tune with the ocean tides, I apparently needed to wean myself away gradually because I found myself heading to one of the close to home tidal areas today.  Although I didn't check the  tables until I got home, my visit turned out to correspond closely with one tidal cycle since I arrived at Hills Bridge just after the low at 10:18 this morning and left about a half hour before high tide at 2:27 in the afternoon.

It was my first time with my new wooden kayak paddle, and I enjoyed using it very much.  Only caught one small fish although I had heard some promising reports concerning largemouth bass.  I guess I'll have to sharpen my tidal bass skills because although I hadn't been there in quite a while I plan to be returning.  It's a beautiful area which is amazingly wild considering it's only 20 miles from Washington, DC.

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