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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Summer fishing summary

Since it's getting close to Labor Day, I'm going to summarize fishing trips that I haven't mentioned previously on this blog.

-Three or four times I've fished from the canoe at Rocky Gorge Reservoir, and as usual only caught one or two bream on each of the short trips.

- Twice I've explored new places on familiar rivers and probably wouldn't return.  Once was on the Monocacy at Buckeystown where I did catch a number of bream and a small bass, but there's a park there which made the whole experience too public, especially since rapids discouraged me from exploring upriver.  Another time was downriver from my usual spots on the Patapsco, on parkland accessed off U.S. Route 1.  Not only was it also too public, but I caught nothing at all there.  Fortunately I had some luck upstream, so I didn't feel blanked for the day.

-Although I've been avoiding fishing the nearby pond this summer, I did go out once in the rain and had decent luck with bream, a largemouth, and a crappie.

-The day before yesterday I had another good day at Nolands Ferry on the Potomac even though the river level was higher than I prefer for the wading spots behind the island.

All in all, a good summer.

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