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Friday, August 26, 2011

Mountain streams, a reservoir, and a pond

Last week I fished Owens Creek in the Catoctins and not very succesfully. In April my friend Andy introduced me to an "unknown" stream in those mountains, but we didn't do well there either probably because it wasn't completely unknown, and another fisherman was there ahead of us. For a tiny brook trout stream that's too much pressure.

Also one day last week I drifted around in the canoe in Rocky Gorge trolling a fly on a sinking line and caught one perch.

This week have twice been to the pond in the park and each day caught small bass and bluegills on dry flies.

Had a 5.8 earthquake three days ago. This one was about twice as powerful as the quake a year ago. Two earthquakes in my 64 years, and they came a year apart. A hurricane is moving up the coast and will hit us this weekend.

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