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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Michele Bachmann performs a solo Full Ginsburg

Rarer than a no-hitter in baseball, the Full Ginsburg was named for Monica Lewinsky's attorney who appeared on all the major Sunday political shows in one day back in 1998. Since then, the feat has been equaled by only six other people.

Yes, I know there are some out there whose statistics credit 14 Full Ginsburgs, but some of these were part of a group consisting of two or more other people. To me, as a Full Ginsburg purist, this is like giving credit for a no-hitter when relief pitchers were involved. No, the only authentic Full Ginsburg is the solo performance.

Although it is a political act, no American president has achieved a solo Full Ginsburg, but former VP Dick Cheney did. People speak in hush tones when they cite the only double winner of the solo Full Ginsburg, Hillary Clinton, a record that some feel will stand forever. Among political media hounds, Clinton certainly stands out, but Bachmann is relatively young in her career and I feel is up to equaling or surpassing Clinton's mark, as impressive as it is.

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