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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Nolands Ferry on the Potomac

A ferry service began here in the mid 1700's, but I think the bridge at Point of Rocks four miles up the river doomed the business. Archaeologists say that American Indians had settlements on the Maryland side continually from about 8500 BC to 1800 AD.

This morning I caught bluegills big enough to put a good bend in the seven weight fly rod I was using. Most of them came on a Madam X pattern. The fish torn up the fly, so I tried a few others without success until I switched to a B & B and changed locations from the Maryland side of Nolands Island to the Virginia side. There after lunch I had a hot run of smallmouth action for about half an hour.

Most of the grasses were below the surface. Air temperatures about 90 by the afternoon, and water level 1.00 at Point of Rocks and 2.65 at Little Falls.

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