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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Catching Largemouth Bass in the Pond

Just over a month ago I wrote about watching the largemouth bass on their spawning beds in the nearby pond. Those 12-15" bass have been giving me some great sport during the last few afternoons on a 5 weight fly rod. Yesterday the bite came on a foam spider, and today on a new fly that I read about in the latest issue of Fly Fisherman magazine.

This fly is so simple that I should have thought of it myself. It's just black chenille and white rubber legs tied on a 6 or 8 hook. Because it resembles nothing identifiable that fish feed on, it's in the category of attractor rather than imitative flies. The creator of the pattern designed it primarily for big bluegills but mentioned that he's caught some good bass on it as well. He weights the hook by wrapping with lead, but the first couple I tied unweighted to run a few inches below the surface. Pictured above is one of the ones I tied and used today.

The fly was created by Jim Dean who lives in North Carolina but writes that he caught his first trout on Big Hunting Creek in Maryland, a stream I know well.

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