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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Life Since High School

My 45th high school reunion is coming up, and although I'm uncertain about attending I've been thinking about what to say in the questionnaire which I will complete since I've enjoyed reading what my classmates have submitted on line. So, here is what I plan to say about my life since graduation:

My wife, Pam Winters, another '65 graduate, and I have been together since 1976. We have two children who are both grown up and out of college, and we are close with them. In the summer of 2009 I retired from working for a government contractor, and looking back on my work years I would say the most satisfying part was mentoring the career development of subordinate managers many of whom stayed in touch after either they or I moved on.

Pam retired from the government a few years ago, and we are both avid readers who spend a lot of time discussing books, often while walking in the wooded park near our home. We also enjoy going to restaurants, movies, and musical events with our many friends. Each season I attend a few University of Maryland football and basketball games with a buddy I met while a student there and some younger guys. I also spend a lot of time outdoors, fly fishing, kayaking and other such things and belong to a number of these organizations.

Good and bad things happen to each of us in life, but on the whole I consider myself a lucky man, at least so far. Looking at the list of our classmates who have died is a reminder of how tenuous life is. Rock star Warren Zevon was also born in 1947, and before he died a few years ago he advised people to enjoy every sandwich. As I grow older, I try to remember to do that.

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