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Monday, December 13, 2021

Walking around my old neighborhood

While one of the cars was being serviced last week I walked around my old neighborhood which was nearby. I had believed that the neighborhood name, Daniel's Park, in north College Park had long lapsed into disuse until it popped up on my phone as a location identification. This was the house I lived in from about age one, when my parents moved to Maryland from upstate New York, to about age ten when the family moved into the Hollywood area of College Park. I think my father said he paid $5,000 for it in 1948.
Below is the first house Pam and I bought which is just up the street from the house above. We bought it from a woman who remembered me when I lived in the neighborhood and still called me "Dougie."
This is a side view of that house. The garage has been enlarged since we lived there and the structure to the left of it was originally a chicken coop. We lived there from 1978 to 1986 and have fond memories of that house.

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  1. I loved your College Park house, so sweet. I lived in a red brick house in Berwyn Heights for a while -- I miss red brick houses! They feel "sturdy" to me.