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Thursday, May 18, 2017

"Matewan" and Director John Sayles at AFI

Tuesday night I went to the American Film Institute theater in Silver Spring to see a screening of the 1987 movie based on attempts to unionize coal miners in West Virginia in 1920. I've long admired John Sayles who wrote the screenplay and directed the movie. His novel Union City I read and own, and he's also an actor who appears in small roles in some of his films.

Sayles is on the right of the three figures in front of the screen in the above picture. He generously answered questions from the audience after the movie was over. On screen is the actor Chris Cooper who was little-known at the time. David Strathairn also appeared, but James Earl Jones was probably the biggest name in the cast.

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  1. What a cool event. I remember seeing Matewan way back when. And Chris Cooper has always been a secret heart throb of mine -- even after his toothless character in the orchid movie (name escapes me).