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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Status of the park geese

The resident geese population has been 40-50 for the past few years, a number that the park authorities decided was excessive. Park management were likely influenced by people who complained about the large amount of goose excrement on the walkways and on the baseball fields, and a few months ago an attempt was made the eliminate the geese. The attempt seemed to be successful although lately we began seeing small numbers of the birds.

It's too early for these to be migratory, so I'm assuming these were resident geese who had made their home area elsewhere until recently.


  1. A large population, maybe 50 or more, of Canada geese has been chased away from their long-time "patch" across the street from Montgomery General Hospital in Olney on Prince Philip Drive. I noticed this a few weeks back when visiting my mother at her assisted living facility, the parking lot of which borders a small, man-made pond and around which the geese made their home. A system of posts, wire and small, fluttering pieces of fabric recently appeared on the slope next to the pond, designed, I'm sure, to alarm the geese and force them to find other lodgings.

  2. Interesting. By the way, I counted 25 geese in my park yesterday. Either the migration has started or other resident geese are moving in, perhaps those displaced from the Olney pond.