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Thursday, June 23, 2016

A mess of fish...

Went fishing on the lower Chester River off the eastern side of Kent Island yesterday evening, and the fishing was great for white perch. Although we were generally using clams and blood worms, I caught a couple on artificial lures.

My friend Stan isn't a very experienced fisherman, but he's enthusiastic and, after a slow start, managed to catch a few.

I've gotten to know our captain Jay through Stan. He was happy to have company and certainly was successful in putting us on fish. He gave his wife credit for suggesting the spot which was in only four feet of water.
This was typical of the catch. We baited two hooks on our bottom rigs and caught many doubles. Jay suggested a slow retrieve after casting out, a suggestion I found surprising, but he was certainly right.
After about five hours on the water, it was time to call it quits, and we had a nice sunset to view back at the marina.
The total catch was about 3 dozen. Stan didn't want any, and Jay took only about a half dozen. I had a lot of fish to clean this morning.

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