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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Thinking about trees...

There's a couple of spots in the back yard that I've decided I want trees in, largely because we lost an oak in a June storm and I'd like to restore some of the lost shade and privacy.  Right now I'm thinking that rather than buy anything I'll relocate a holly and a magnolia which have sprung up on their own on our property. I realize that neither are likely to grow quickly because it's still rather shady back there, so I may decide on another solution.

However that decision goes, this time of year is a good time to be thinking about trees.  In the summer trees blend into a seemingly solid mass of green so that I'm not too conscious of the individual species.  In the winter with all the deciduous leaves down, differentiating among the types is more difficult.  It's the months of change, mostly in October and April, that the individuality stands out.


  1. I think about trees a lot when it's foggy here in San Francisco. The fog often acts as a backdrop for a tree that would otherwise go unnoticed -- instead it's silhouetted (gawd, did I just spell that correctly or ?) against an opaque mildly greyish background, and the shape of it stands out in a way you never would have noticed had it not been foggy.

  2. Foggy scenes can be very pleasant in general, and I can see where the fog can provide a backdrop that effectively highlights a tree.

  3. To have more trees in the back yard is a great idea! Specially now, when woods are being destroyed every year.