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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

June 16, 2013

Rhythms of June: 

A poem for my daughter's wedding by Doug Jones

 As the solstice draws ever near
Completing a cycle of the year,
The sun ascends into the sky.
Long, hot summer days stand by.

What treasures do we see in June?
Crape myrtles and magnolias bloom.
Mayflies emerge from clear, cool, streams.
Fireflies dance through warm evenings.
Nature's gifts:  earth, air, and water,
And the month of June gave us our daughter.

June rhythms
Rhythms of June

June vacations at the beach-
Little girl's hand stretching to reach
Her mother's, placed there to reassure
Fears of crashing waves.  She's made secure.

June rhythms
Rhythms of June

They've marked the tempo of her existence
Mattering not how far the distance,
Through summer camps, proms, and graduations
Her life in tune with the vibrations.

June cell phone call from Manhattan's streets,
Woman's voice  says, "I should be at the beach."
June rhythms guiding her body.

So it is fitting that this June day
We gather here to observe this phase,
The union with a fine, young man.
They've shown already that they can
Create a world of their own
Stronger than one built alone,
A  shelter from the harsh outside
Where gentleness and support abide.
A world I felt first on a cold, wet, night
In a cozy apartment in Crown Heights.

June warmth
June rhythms
June love



  1. Oh, it's better than nice -- made me cry. Way to go Daddy Doug.