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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Going fishing is always the best decision

I don't think I've ever decided later that going was a mistake.  I've come home comfortably hot, cold, or wet and sometimes discouraged concerning my lack of success, but never sorry I went.

Yesterday I had almost decided to cancel my plans to fish the upper Patuxent between the reservoirs because the forecast was for the mid 90's and I was already hot after my morning old guy exercises, but I happened to glance at the thermometer shortly before 11 and it hadn't hadn't reached 80 degrees yet.  What the hell, it would only be a 20 minute drive and I could always return.

A half an hour later under the shade of the stream-side trees, I was standing in the cool water just over my ankles catching fish:  two small bass on a B&B and about a half dozen fallfish when I went deeper with a crystal bugger.  It's a small stretch of water, so I was finished with it in just over an hour.

Looking back on the week, Monday I caught almost nothing and yesterday it was mostly something commonly called a "trash fish", and yet I returned both times satisfied with good memories of the day.

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