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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mallows Bay

Friday I drove down into Charles County to scout a fishing location along the tidal Potomac. Mallows Bay is best known for the large number of shipwrecks, some that rise above the surface and are visible from shore and others that lie underwater but are clearly visible from boats.

The area at Wilson Landing is now a park which provides recreational opportunities, nature views, and historical information. Most of the boats were hastily built on contract by the government for shipping in support of the WWI war effort, and they were later scrapped.

I thought this was an interesting looking tree near the boat ramp. There is also a floating dock for kayaks.

Some of the wrecks are out in the main area section of the river.

Others are back in the tidal creek.

This is the one most visible from shore.

The link below contains the full story of "The Ghost Fleet of Mallows Bay":

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