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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Car show

Although I'm not a car hobbyist I attended a show in Edgewater, Maryland yesterday because my friend, Pat, was displaying some of his cars, one of which is pictured with him above. The show specialized in Nash Ramblers and other cars made by American Motors Corporation so I learned a lot about this collecting niche. Basically for me it was a good opportunity to sit outside on a nice day, drink beer, and talk cars, fishing, and any other subject that might arise.

Under the hood:

This one belongs to Pat's father and is one of only about 12 1957 Rebels in existance:


  1. Reminds me of that old song..."but the little Nash Rambler pulled right ahead...beep beep...his horn went beep beep beep." Now I've got an ear worm.

  2. Margaret, I thought my friend Pat might be too young to know that song, but as soon as I mentioned it he rolled his eyes wearily.

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  4. It's kind of fun to see what's under the car's hood. It's kind of like a human body (or any body of a living thing, for that matter) where the stuff inside looks different from what we see outside.