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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Back Yard

When wife Pam retired a few years ago, our roles regarding landscaping reversed. For most of years we've been in this house I've had primary responsibility, but since then it's been mostly her. Whichever has been the case, we've talked over any major changes and disagreements have been rare. Also, the person with the secondary responsibility has always had a garden section which was largely theirs to do with as they wished.

For me, this section has been the bedding area which runs along the property line of our shallow back yard. Last summer, the whole back yard took a beating when storms knocked down some very large tree limbs and the deer fence. Between the immediate storm damage and the resulting deer marauding, it wasn't much to look at and the bamboo project was an effort to make our back view pleasing to us again.

I'm happy with the results of that bamboo work, and nature has its own powers of restoration, fortunately. Now I have to decide about supplementing the perennials, trees, and shrubs with annuals. Although I like the way the garden looks now without them, experience has taught me that by late summer I'd miss the additional color annuals bring.


  1. Nice yard. I like the bamboo. I've been tempted to try some, but it I'm afraid it would come out a bit like a little kid did it.

  2. Thanks, Fritz. If you decide you'd like to try something like this, let me know. I went through a lot of trial and error, and I can tell you how I eventually did it. Also, I'd be glad to take a look at your yard and listen to what you'd like to accomplish.