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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Visit to Italy

Just returned from trip to Florence with my wife, Pam, and my daughter, Rebecca. Although I may post other pictures in the future, I thought about which one I would select if I was limited to one and picked the above shot of Rebecca on the Ponte Vecchio over the River Arno.

I felt that this one was the most appropriate because Pam and I would not have made the trip if Rebecca hadn't suggested it. None of us had been to Europe before. When I was in college, most of my friends went, but I didn't. Pam and I always expressed interest, but we sometimes need a push to do something like this and Rebecca provided this push because art is her career. She did her advance work and knew exactly what she wanted to see, so we spent a couple of days in the cathedrals and museums of Florence. After that was out of the way, we did some day trips into the surrounding Tuscany countryside.

We all loved the scenery, food, and general atmosphere of Italy. Thank you, Becca for bringing us to it. You were great company and are a darling daughter who I am very proud of.

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