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Sunday, February 21, 2010

The movie "High Fidelity"

Have seen it a number of times and watched some of it today. Many of the scenes reminded me of when I worked part time in a record store in the 70's. Although we were not rude to customers the way the guys in the movie sometimes were, my co-workers and myself looked down on many of them because we were snobby about our tastes in rock music.

The main character reminded me of myself and other guys I have known because of his romantic ups and downs as well as his often erroneous perception that he was the one who was wronged. His obsession about the sex in his relationships with women is probably true of men in general, but probably not all men hear an on-going soundtrack in their lives like the main character and I do. However he explains and describes his life almost solely in terms of music, and I don't do that.

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