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Saturday, January 30, 2010

General Update

After a few mild days, it's cold and snowing again. It's 18 degrees as opposed to near 60 earlier this week when I took advantage of the warmth to go trout fishing on a section of the Patuxent River below Brighton Dam which I had never before fished. A day later I was about 80 miles down river in St. Mary's County when Pam, Marv, and I visited John Marum who's soon to be married to his high school sweetheart who he re-met following his 50 year high school reunion.

We had a number of viewings of the otter for a while, but we haven't seen him in about a week. He may have taken up residence in the abandoned beaver lodge, or as the beavers did a year ago he might have moved on. Like the beavers, he was fun to watch.

Finally getting used to using a digital camera and added a picture of some my pipes to the pipe smoking post below. Up to now, all the pictures here were taken by Pam which is odd considering what a big role conventional, non-digital photography once played in my life.

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