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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Late season

Been out twice in the last few weeks. Drove up to the upper Monocacy two weeks ago which gave me a lot of bluegill action, especially in the first hour, but yielded no bass. It was on a Friday, and by afternoon I was joined by two other fishermen who likely were going after work.  They were both courteous and did not infringe on waters I was fishing, but in about a half dozen previous trips there this was the first time I'd seen any other fishermen at all.  I think my "secret spot' is secret no more, and this might be the reason I've had less luck there on the last two visits.

Last week, I drove to the Gunpowder River. Caught a brook trout which is an unusual catch for me.  It was small but beautiful.  I cut the trip short because my back was hurting.  The cause, I suspect, was the weight of my fishing vest.  I'll think about trying to reduce its weight by eliminating items I seldom use.

I haven't fished the pond lately, but I'm including this picture anyway.  We've received some rain in the over the past 24 hours, and the rain is predicted to continue through the weekend.  Then a hurricane might move in.  Hope not.

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