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Friday, March 23, 2012

Shad Run

The annual spawning run of this salt water fish up into the rivers is early this year, so yesterday I rented a boat from Fletcher's and fished from about 11:30 to 3:30. At any given time there were about 6- 8 other boats of various types out, but the fishing was generally slow. Nevertheless, I did manage six hickory shad, all caught within about a twenty minute window on either side of 2:00 pm. I fished with both spinning and fly gear, but most of the action came while I had the spinning rod in my hand.

I believe that shad migrate in waves, and another wave may have been beginning as I was leaving because soon after I hooked and immediately lost one I saw two other anglers hook up as I was breaking down my tackle.

The picture above is looking upriver towards Key Bridge, and the shoreline to the right is about where I took the picture below last weekend. I love those old wooden row boats that Fletcher's rents and included the bow in the image. Water level was 3.9 at Little Falls.

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