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Friday, August 12, 2011

Patapsco Graffiti

Too many of my pictures taken when fishing look the same; upstream or downstream a Maryland river. After a few hours fishing on the far upper Patapsco, I decided to look for something different to photograph while scouting out new locations.

Bridge underpasses are common places for teenagers to hang out and do the things they want to do away from adult eyes. Some talented music lovers among them must have been responsible for the artwork.

The fishing got better the further away from the road crossing I traveled. The catching was bream (I'm not sure whether they were bluegills or red breasted sun fish, so I going to used the general southern term) and a couple of small bass. As usual on that river, the most effective fly was a beaded marabou streamer; this time olive. Some of the bream were pretty hefty.

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  1. Very pretty! If you could find a (legal) way to remove the musical one and hang it on our walls I'd be happy.